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Arkopa Ahsap Panel began its production in 2002 to serve the furniture and decoration sector. ARKOPA Ahsap Panel offers to the furniture industry, Decorative Profiles,PVC/PET,Acrylic Laminated MDF Panels,Mouldings, Door Jamb-frames and Skins,Wall Panels,Kitchen Cabinets and Customized Furniture Components with technological innovations and of its knowledgeable and experienced work force.  Arkopa Ahsap Panel proudly presents our country on the international arena. Its export initiatives which started with a couple of countries led to an important web of international clients to whom 55% of its production today is being exported. In addition, Arkopa Ahsap Panel, thanks to its custom production capabilities, provides side industry services to small and mid sized furniture producers.Arkopa Ahsap Panel’s primary policy is to reach perfection in its production and to make its employees internalize its approach to quality and actively participate in the integrated management system through continuous training.


OSB.17.Cad. NO:2/C 38070 KAYSERI / TURKEY

Phone: +90 352 321 26 11/ Fax: +90 352 321 26 10

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