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Ersa, founded by Metin Atabey Ata in 1958, Sivas, has raised one of the pioneers of the furniture sector in Turkey with giving importance to innovation and design. The simple architectural design of the factory in harmony with the environment is a reflection of the sustainable production approach that Ersa adopts. Spread on approximately 60,000 square meters and equipped with state-of-the-art production technologies, the factory has the capacity to process 4.5 million square meters of panel boards, 500,000 running meters of laminated panels, and 530,000 pieces of furniture in one shift in 3 factories located in Ankara Turkey. Each factory has a specific line of production, one of the is only for wooden furniture, one of them is upholstered furniture (sofa and office chairs) the 3rd one and also the oldest one is oriented only for metal production.

Ersa, which offers innovative and high quality solutions for architectural needs of its users in Turkey and all around the world, has a noteworthy export success in the international arena with the average export rate three times more than the industry average of Turkey.


1.Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, Oguz Caddesi No:17 Sincan 06935


Phone: +90 312 267 00 11 / Fax: +90 850 450 00 47

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